Our Story.
The background

Where we come from

We always acted like researchers. Researching always starts with more and different questions!

Who we are

We work with people and organisations who want exactly this more.

We are convinced that positive results and success can be built up more sustainably with people working independently in organisations.

We are convinced that what is learned is not enough until the end of life.

We do not think outside the box, we have decided for ourselves that no box exists and we celebrate rule breaking.

We are a colourful bunch with different biographies.

We are psychologists, business economists, sports scientists with experience in advising business enterprises, leading municipal start-up networks, managing and strategically positioning health care facilities, Bundesliga clubs and NGOs. Our interdisciplinary network combined with our own activities at universities and colleges and publications in the specialist literature are unique.

We see ourselves as entrepreneurs with a strong focus on the evidence of our actions. We want more and we realised that it takes more to make the right decisions in top management!

We quickly learned that the methodology used of proven selection processes, mentoring of top managers, development of top managers is no longer sufficient. We are not saying it is wrong or right. We are saying it has to be different to manage the complexity of change. We acted like researchers again and found and combined new approaches.

We developed our own instruments. We evaluated scientifically clean and stringent. We took different procedural, methodological and didactic paths. This is the evolutionary character of our work. We learned the tried and tested methods and tests, continuously adapting them to social changes and always in such a way that they were appropriate for the people in their time.

We did not answer the challenges with the familiar answers of modernity. We learned that the challenges of the future cannot be solved with concepts of modernity. That is only supposedly progressive and innovative. Modernity is now more than two centuries old. The challenges of our time cannot be solved with concepts of the late 19th and 20th centuries. That time was characterised by progress, growth and prosperity. But we increasingly feel as if the best cake of our youth  tastes boring and yet we could have made much more out of it.

We keep finding that organisations and their people are looking for new answers!

From this realisation, like researchers, we have gone in search of possibilities.

We go one intellectual step further and use knowledge, current technology and proven methodology and transform them with a maximum of individuality into a manageable, efficient and stable test instrument for managers in their various phases of life.